As one of Australia’s leading models, Jesinta Franklin has become the face of many brands, and in fact you might even recognise her. Even as a model though, she isn’t immune to the signs of aging, and in a recent Daily Mail article has expressed her concerns over subtle differences now appearing in her skin (you can read the full article here). In the article she states how she started to see the signs of aging appear before turning 25, and has now committed to changing all of her skincare products over to anti-aging ones, but hasn’t yet thought about using Botox. On the Daily Mail website she is quoted as saying: “I have to admit that when I was about to turn 25, I did start thinking about the way I was going to age as I started to notice very subtle differences in my skin which lead me to completely changing all my skincare over to anti-ageing products. But, I haven’t really thought of Botox to be honest.” Botox treatments are now available all over the UK, and have become a lot more popular over the last decade. What predominantly started out as a treatment for older people, is now increasingly being turned to by younger people, including women (and models) in their twenties. If you do decide to use Botox, then you should always opt to work with an experienced practitioner with years of experience in the field, for example this one in Bournemouth on the south coast has the right and proper credentials, including reviews for peace of mind. Jesinta Franklin went on to say, that despite her being very famous now for attending glamorous events, and being featured in stunning photoshoots, it’s only in later years that she began to wear make-up. “Neither my sister or I wore makeup until our late teens. We were encouraged to take care of our skin from inside out, to be kind to ourselves and see good in people.” And in 2014, she underwent plastic surgery for personal reasons, but does say that anybody else considering doing so should do their research and be fully informed before doing so. “My message to all women is to make an educated decision when it comes to any cosmetic procedure. I don’t encourage any young woman to go forward with cosmetic surgery unless there is a very good reason for doing so.” If you do live or work on the south coast and wish to explore the options available to you for Botox treatment, then we can recommend the Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic. You can find their full details below. Botox Bournemouth & Poole: Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic The leading cosmetic clinic in Bournemouth & Poole. Specialists in Botox, Lip Fillers, Wrinkle Treatment, Skin Tightening, Derma Fillers, and More. Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic 116 Canford Cliffs Road Poole Dorset BH13 7AE Telephone: 01202 707345

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It goes without saying that any business involved in the modelling industry needs to have a great look and feel, and should always create a stunning and lasting impression. With that in mind, we are very pleased to recommend Kima Office Furniture who are a specialist office furniture company supplying London businesses. They offer a wide range of white office furniture to high-end clients, and even help with office design should you need some inspiration on how to transform your office. Specialist Furniture for Model Agencies Modelling agencies are one type of client that Kima Office Furniture have already a great track record with, with quite a few clients already on their roster. Modelling agencies looking for a clea, modern, and vibrant feel should look no further than the white office furniture on offer from Kima including their brand-new range of white office desks and drawers – all of which can be seen on their website. The range currently on offer includes the hugely popular Maestro range of desks, as well as the stunning white bench desks that are also on offer. Bench desks make for a great collaborative working environment, and with the busy offices commonly found in model agencies, they really are a great option. Bench desks of this type allow for large working spaces that suit hot-desking reuirements, as well as leaving enough space to spread out the latest portfolios and photographic modelling shoots for review sessions. Kima kindly offer reduced rates and discounts to model agencies, so if you are looking for a fantastic new office design and layout with a white look and feel we would really say look no further than this company. To find out more about them and to view the wide range of white office furniture that they have on sale please visit their website today to get started with a great deal.  

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A hairdresser who started to lose his hair at an early age, has now been offered a modelling contract since undergoing a hair transplant. Kieran Groves from Worcester was embarrassed and ashamed of the thinning hair, and even made excuses not to go out in the rain, or even play football with his mates. But after years of using over the counter remedies that didn’t work, he decided to opt for a hair transplant in Portsmouth and the results his has achieved with the help of Dr Edward Ball at The Maitland Clinic have given him a new lease of life. In fact, since the hair loss treatment he has been approached by a male model scout! Kieran spent £8,000 and says it is the best money that he has ever spent, with fantastic results as you can see from the before and after photos shown below. Kieran was quoted as saying: It was over 12 months ago that Kieran approached Dr Ball at The Maitland Clinic, and on the day of the surgery he was very nervous. But the next morning he awoke to see just where the new hair was going to grow. Admittedly the hair didn’t grow back over night, but within months he was seeing a massive difference. Kieran said: His hair transplant procedure involved the harvesting of hair from the back and sides of hs head. Those hair follicles where then grafted onto the affected areas towards the front and top of his head – the hair loss surgery took around 12 hours, and is called FUE, or follicular unit extraction to give it it’s technical name. The FUE hair transplant process involves taking individual follicular units – or groups of one to four hairs – removed, leaving only tiny dot scars in the ‘donor’ area. Now 12 months later, the hair dresser is again playing football with his friends, and has plans to expand his business which is due in part to the increased confidence that he now has. He is now happier than he has even been and was quoted as saying: The Maitland Clinic has a hair loss consultation clinic on Harley Street in London, as well as surgical premises on the Hampshire south coast in Portsmouth. If you would like more information about them, then get in contact with them via any of the links present in this blog post. They are also now offering themselves to people looking for a hair loss treatment clinic in Bournemouth, Poole, and Dorset so if you live in that area then click that link. The Maitland Clinic is able to help models, those in the acting world, as well as everyday people from all walks of life. A hair transplant can be a life-changing experience for both men and women and they are now becoming more and more affordable as the technology changes. Dr Edward Ball of The Maitland Clinic has multiple accreditations and qualifications and is viewed as one of the leading hair transplant surgeons […]

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