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Source Models are one of the top commercial model agencies in London. Our work is not just in the capital but across all of the UK with commercial models based in most of the major cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Southampton.

How London Commercial Model Agencies Tend to Work

There are a number of different types of agency and most tend to specialise in a certain type of work such as Editorial, Catwalk, Glamour and Plus size.  Source are a specialist commercial agency which means most of what we do is of a commercial nature and normally involves our models helping to sell a product or service.

Source: Your Commercial Model Agency London

As well as representing commercial models, Source Models London also represents actors and presenters for commercial work. As well as perhaps having to have good acting ability for a TV commercials we get asked to provide actors for staff training and events. Our presenters can appear on websites, attend live events and award ceremonies.

The majority of commercial modelling involves attending photoshoots and commercials  with the final images/film being used in all forms of advertising such as:

Print Collateral

Before the rise of digital media the majority of models in photoshoots ended up being used in print. Our average commercial booking was mainly ‘Below the Line’ use such as brochures, direct mail, catalogues & leaflets. Additional use would consist of posters, newspaper and magazine advertising and retail point of sale. This type of advertising is still relevant but we are finding a lot of clients now prefer to have most of their services advertised on their websites with most brochures downloadable from there. This has made changes to how we operate as a commercial model agency in London as what our client’s customers expect we want to make sure that our clients receive from us. The digital age has changed and has improved the Commercial agency world dramatically we have been able to have all our models presented in one place at the click of a mouse to ensure that when a client calls us we can direct them to some of the most suited commercial models in the UK. Our team of booking agents can instantly prepare light boxes available showing a brief description and a miniature portfolio this can then be selected and adapted to meet the clients brief to the exact detail.

Internet Advertising

It is now pretty much the norm for all commercial model agencies in London to have a website and as such we have seen a crossover with models now being used just as much on company websites as they are in brochures and leaflets. Many companies advertise across the internet and you may see some of models on static adverts across the web such as web banners or on pay per click adverts.

One of the main things with working on digital platforms like many of our clients websites is the speed of change and updates the consumer and general public have come to expect this can place huge demands on company owners and marketing teams to ensure that they are launching their product or service quickly in the best possible way. They want individuality and to be able to create a Buzz and a social interest around their     products and services this has something that has grown massively for our clients and we can help you get the most suitable commercial model to help you create the social outreach that is needed in today’s ever competitive market.

Who would have thought when we started in business 10 years ago that the industry and client expectation would have changed so much and be so highly impacted by social interaction? We didn’t but when it happened we reacted to make sure that Source models was at the forefront still of the commercial modelling agencies in London.


Billboards, bus sides, and Adshells are the most common examples of where you will find our models on outdoor advertising. We also do a lot of ‘Onsite’ adverts such as outdoor posters and sign.

This type of advertising is still used and can form part of an effective campaign using it to tie into social and online advertising. With changes in audience this can now be highly target with more information being collected in the locations that the prints will be displayed. You can get an understanding through data of the demographic and potential target audience based in that area and how you could use this to reach out. One of the main things you need is every aspect of this type of campaign to be eye catching and make people look and read the information. One of the ways you can do this is by instructing Source as your commercial Model Agency to work with you and find you the perfect candidate for your outdoor campaign.


When our models first join a commercial agency most aspire to be cast in a primetime TV commercial. In some cases our model can earn more from a lead role in a worldwide TV campaign as they do from 6 months print work. As well as lead roles they may be cast in what are called featured extra roles or as background artistes.

Adverts are not always shown on TV. You will see moving images of our models everywhere now. From interactive billboards in Times Square as well on websites, airplanes and internet sites such as Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. Its not un common now for models to have both still photography and filming take place on a shoot clients can use the final work across all types of media.

Events, PR Activity and Shows

Our models get asked to appear in a number of different events to hep sell products or services. As well as attending exhibitions across at the UK they may get booked on a catwalk show or black tie event or award show. We also get asked to provide models for PR activity. It could be a fitness event or a press launch.

Body Parts

As well as modelling on our main boards we have quite a few models who also specialise in certain aspects of their body. The most common request is for hands and feet but we also hair and legs too! Occasionally clients will book one model for a photoshoot  and use a second model when perhaps a close up is required of a body part.

Fees for commercial modelling will vary from job to job. At one end of the scale models, especially those new to the industry,  will focus on promotional and event work. Models can earn between £100.00 and £200.00 per day doing this type of work and for those more experienced will quite often be asked to head up teams of models for events. The majority of the models earn their money from modelling photoshoots.

Bookings tend to be 2 hour, 4 hour or 8 hour slots with some TV filming days taking 10 hours. Models will earn whats called a ’Studio Fee” which cover their time on a shoot and in some cases this will include an agreed amount of image use such as brochure or website for 12 months.

Usage fees are normally added to the studio fee and allows the client to use images of models for an extended time period and for different types of usage. As a general rule, the more a model is seen, the more they will earn. The reason for this is that once model is in associated with a certain company this narrows down further opportunities for work. So a model appearing on a UK wide billboard campaign will earn considerably more than appearing on a leaflet.

Booking a Commercial Model through Source would not be easier. We ensure all our Talent have up to date commercial and lifestyle type portfolio images, mostly in colour. We have a huge database of people to choose from. One of the differences with a commercial type agency is that our models need to come in all shapes, sizes, ages and skin colour. As much as our models need to look good, they also need to be accessible to the end user. To that end you can book models from 3 years old to 80 years old with lots of different looks.

Although on some photoshoots and TV commercials clothing is provided we ask all our models and actors to keep a good generic wardrobe. Tis will include a couple of casual and smart casual outfits in bright colours avoiding stripes and large logos. Most will have at least 2 different business suits as well as a fitness outfit and swimwear. The ladies will be happy to do their own make-up but we also provide commercial Hair and make-up artistes as and when required.


"To be one of the top London modelling agencies offering a huge selection of models with a service to love and second to none in the industry."

We look forward to your enquiry and helping you today with all forms of assignments in and around the capital city.


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