Source Models have one of the largest selection of male models in London and also across the UK. As a commercial agency we offer Male Models in all age groups and our main Models Board offers models from 18-40. Our Male Classic Models can be found on our Classic board and range from a playing age of 40 through to 80 years old.

Male Model Agency London

The days of the modelling business being dominated by females is fast coming to an end, with more and more people requiring the services of a male model in London and surrounding areas.  We have the ideal male model to be the face of your product or campaign, whether you are looking for a fashion, catalogue, commercial or fitness model.

Our male models and actors really stand out from the crowd, being both individual and versatile, at the same time having a very professional manner. Widely in demand, they are regularly featured in magazine, television and newspaper advertising, in addition to online campaigns.

 Variety of Male Models London

Our London Male models get booked for a variety of assignments, mainly photographic advertising work and TV commercials as well as for Digital media. Source Models are whats called a Commercial Agency so we tend not to represent male models for much editorial work or for say London Fashion week. Most of our models are booked to help a company sell its product or service. We do have 6’ + catwalk models but we also ensure we have lots of choices with different looks, ages and sizes.

Male models 20-30

Most of our Male New faces join us around the ages of 25 and most will start modelling along side another job. We do represent guys who are with a number of different ages. Some will have a specialised Fashion agency which will get them most of their catwalk and editorial work where as we tend to generate their photographic jobs. On that basis we try to take on men with a photogenic ‘Boy next door’ type look ideal for our advertising clients. We steer away from too trendy haircuts, big beards and tattoos, these we leave to the fashion agencies supplying men for glossy fashion Magazines and LFW. The majority of our male models in London in this age bracket get booked for couples work and young business people as well as Male Fitness work.

Male models 30-40

This age group probably represents our busiest male models. Male models this age tend to get used for a variety of different photographic assignments. They may get asked to be a Business person one day, out with friends on another then a Family shoot to finish things off. These guys will also ensure they have decent selection of own wardrobe. Not all clients have a stylist/wardrobe budget so having a male model in London who can bring his own wardrobe is invaluable. They will always have at least 2 business outfits, lots of casual clothing in plain bright colours as well as swimwear and smarter outfits.

Classic male models

We include all male and female models over the age of 40 on our classic boards and these models get booked for lots of different work. We get lots of enquiries for models in their 40’s and 50’s required to play Business people, inlet f cases they will need to have a certain air of gravitas, it could be they are playing customers at boardroom level. Advertisers are now targeting the more and more potential customers 50 – 70. Those who retire early or have lots of disposal income are an advertisers dream and models need to reflect that. Our Male model agency in London has lots of Models that fit into this bracket.

Ethnic male models

Source models represent one of the largest choice of ethnic models in London. We appreciate that clients not only need to use models that represent the ethnic London population it is not un common for Photoshoots and commercials shot in London to be used across the globe and models with a certain ethnic background of country need to be used for a certain market. We split our male Models int he following ethnic  categories: Black African, Afro Caribbean, Asian, Asian Oriental (Chinese Japanese, Korean etc) Mixed race, East European, Scandinavian, White Caucasian and Latin American. In some cases our comprehensive search facility can narrow down to country.

Are you a Male Model In London?

We are always on the look at for more Male models and our books are currently open. Please apply here to join London’s top Male Model Agency.

Booking With Our Male Model Agency In London

Are you looking to book a Male model in London or the rest of the UK call us today we will be more than happy to help you source the best candidate to be the face of your next campaign. Once you have explained what you are looking for we will source our team of Male Models and select a shortlist of images into a lightbox that we will then give you access to we can then work together and pick the best male model for your needs.


"To be one of the top London modelling agencies offering a huge selection of models with a service to love and second to none in the industry."

We look forward to your enquiry and helping you today with all forms of assignments in and around the capital city.


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