Modelling Agencies in London are not few and far between but at Source we believe our time in the industry the experience we have gained and the clients we have been working with puts us up their as one of the top modelling agencies in London. We have been working with some of the UK’s largest household names for well over a decade selecting the best talent for our client’s needs. We work with some of the best male & female models in London and can offer a huge variety of talent to our clients matching their needs with our team of professional and highly experienced models quickly and efficiently. As one of the leading modelling agencies in London we offer Models in all age groups from all ethnic backgrounds and varying shapes and sizes you can see the models we currently have by looking at the casting section of our portfolio page by clicking here.

Modelling Agencies London

Modelling agencies have changed dramatically over the time we have been in business what they are looking for and the type of work our clients our using us for. They are no longer looking just for your typical cat walk models ass the advertising industry has increased using different platforms to market products to the consumer we have found our clients wanting a more natural look from their models. They want a look that can be related to by the end user and as styles change through the seasons we have carefully selected our team so they are versatile for our clients’ needs while still providing the exceptional professionalism that source prides itself on.

The Industry Is Ever Changing

Modelling Agencies in London are normally split in to two genres fashion or commercial. At Source Models we are commercial agency this does not mean that we don’t have models that are suitable for fashion work but we specialise in the commercial sector majority of our models get booked for catalogue, casting and product launches. These are just some of the sectors our team have worked on but we do not believe in limiting our teams skill set and develop our models to achieve to their highest potential.

Source models represent one of the largest choice of models in London. We appreciate as a commercial agency our clients need to represent different ethnic back rounds when targeting their product or campaign to certain locations as a lot of work may be produced in London but used in different areas nationally and globally so reaching the desired target audience is crucial for advertisers. This is why we source and develop our models from a variety of ethnic back rounds as well as ensuring body shape height etc. are varied to make sure our client can find exactly the look they are looking for.

Are you an aspiring Model?

At source we are constantly on the lookout for aspiring Models to join our team if you think you have what it takes you can get in touch with us by clicking here.

 Booking With Our Modelling Agency in London

To speak with our Bookings team call us directly on 0207 692 1860 they can then find out your needs and work with you to get the perfect model for you.


"To be one of the top London modelling agencies offering a huge selection of models with a service to love and second to none in the industry."

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