If you are looking for Chinese models in London then the Source Model Agency should be your number one resource.  With over decades of experience in managing and booking models in the London area, we have a superb reputation due to our commitment to customer service – not to mention being considered as one of the best Chinese model agencies.  We offer a wide range of different models, from different ethnic backgrounds, and have a well-grounded reputation in the industry with multiple brands – in simple terms, it’s Source that they come to when they need a Chinese model agency in London.

We have been working with Chinese models for many years and they have proved to be very popular. With London being a cosmopolitan hub and home to 1000’s of Chinese owned and managed business. Our clients come to us with a brief as normal they tell us which demographic they are targeting their product or service to and this can change the model our client is looking for. We have 500 models and actors currently working with us and we pride ourselves on the variety of the talented individuals we manage. As a commercial agency majority of our clients use us for advertising of products and services although we do have catwalk models working with us it is not our main area of expertise.

Chinese Model Agency London: Why Us?

Due to the ever changing needs of the brands that we work with, and the growth of multi-culturism within the UK, we understand how important it is for a model agency to have a wide variety of model types.  We are at the forefront of the fashion and modelling industry in London and the UK when it comes to supplying our many clients with Chinese models.

Quite simply there are very few model agencies in London who offer Chinese models as a speciality. In fact, we don’t believe there are any dedicated Chinese model agencies in London currently, despite the growing need for Asian models in the city.

At Source we can provide Chinese models in London and can work on a full-service basis.  This means also providing (where requested):

– London Chinese models
– Hair and make-up artists
– Commercial photographers

Unfortunately there have been a real shortage of Chinese models in London, with even instances where Chinese and Oriental themed fashions shows had mostly white and Caucasian models.  That’s why we are dedicated to helping brands and clients who are searching for a “Chinese model agency London”.  We are helping to fill that gap in the market. We work hard to attract the highest calibre of Chinese models working in London and the Uk. We do this to ensure that when a client comes to us with a brief looking to advertise and market towards a Chinese demographic or present an authentic image of a Chinese related product or service we can provide them with highly talented professional models and actors. This ensures we live up to our name as the leading commercial modelling agency in London and the UK.

Not Just Chinese Models in London

Please note that as well as Chinese models we can also supply different ethnic backgrounds depending on your requirements.  We also operate as a black model agency in London as part of our ethnic model portfolio.


"To be one of the top London modelling agencies offering a huge selection of models with a service to love and second to none in the industry."

We look forward to your enquiry and helping you today with all forms of assignments in and around the capital city.


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